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Let us become your Tree Trimming and Landscaping Team.

Landscaping serves many purposes, and we make it our business to cover each one of them.

  • Well-designed and well-tended curbside landscaping makes the property appear warm and inviting.
  • Landscaping enhances property values.
  • Trees and shrubs can help shelter the property from heat or heat loss for better energy usage and efficiency.
  • Appropriate choice of ground cover prevents soil erosion and conserves water.


At Pacific Landscaping & Tree Service, we understand that landscape and lawn maintenance goes beyond mowing, trimming and weeding. Our little corner of paradise on Monterey's Central Coast has the best conditions for beautiful landscaping, but we have to put in the effort to maintain our lawns and landscape features while ensuring environmentally friendly practices.

Pacific Landscaping & Tree Service offers an array of services to property owners and managers: By trusting our team with all of your landscaping needs, you are assured of a comprehensive and cost-efficient approach to your projects.

Tree Trimming and Shrubbery Maintenance

Trees and shrubs should be located at appropriate spots to provide shade and windbreaks, depending on the season. Pruning and trimming should be scheduled regularly to eliminate property hazards and improve the trees' appearance and health. Our professionals will remove unwanted trees and shrubs without damage to surrounding features.

Lawn Care Services Monterey & Salinas

Our maintenance services covers all the bases from mowing, weeding, trimming, sprinkler repair and lot clearing if needed. Our services include year-round schedules because your yard has different maintenance needs during different seasons. With Pacific Landscaping Lawn Maintenance, your property will be in top shape throughout the year.

Landscaping and Hardscaping

The ideal outdoor design is a combination of plants and decorative features to create usable spaces. Our team includes masonry, concrete and fencing experts who can design and install concrete and paver patios, retaining walls and perimeter fencing that complement your property and comply with local guidelines.

Landscaping design is primarily based on aesthetic choices and your personal preferences as property owner. We recommend multitasking plants that add beauty to your landscape while serving other functions such as providing shade, controlling erosion and minimizing irrigation needs.

Services for Commercial Properties

Exterior appearance counts a lot when it comes to businesses. Let our team help your property managers with tree and shrub trimming to enhance business and signage visibility and maintain a professional appearance.

When it comes to commercial properties, the Pacific Landscaping team has years of experience in handling commercial projects. Fence installations, masonry work, repaving jobs, installation and maintenance of the sprinkler system and related tasks that are necessary to keep the property's exterior in good shape will eliminate hazards to tenants and customers while improving security. Our team of professionals will make sure that the street view of your property lives up to its reputation as a prestigious business address.

To discuss landscaping solutions for your properties in Santa Cruz, Monterey and Salinas, call the Pacific Landscaping team at (831) 346-1810.

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